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The initiative

Moebio has a long-term partnership with two of the most outstanding and best performing innovative ecosystems in the world: Stanford (Silicon Valley/Bay Area) and CIMIT (Boston).

Biocat, the organization that champions the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem in Catalonia, has experience in accelerating healthcare projects and developing talent since 2008. In ten years, Biocat has invested over €11 million, distributed in 300 programs attended by more than 2,300 students. By leveraging its expert, industry experienced, staff and extended network, Biocat has successfully accelerated 96 life sciences projects that generated 300 new job positions, increased the rate of successful commercialization and reduced the time to next phase.

In 2013, in order to increase the impact of these strategic activities, Biocat launched Moebio, an initiative that brings together different training programs to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation in healthcare. Moebio is ranked as one of the top accelerators in Europe according to rankings by Digitalhealth.careers, Mobile World Capital, Tech EU and HealthStartup.

Moebio brings together several different training programs of various lengths, all of which aim to promote entrepreneurship and innovation at the intersection of technology, biosciences, health and business management. This portfolio is designed to offer advanced programs able to address healthcare current challenges from a global perspective.


Moebio provides direct access to the top-notch KOLs and C-level suite of the industry and the research system in the BioRegion of Catalonia, which means a network of more than 1.000 companies and 90 research bodies.

Beyond the regional landscape, Moebio –through Biocat- is part of international networks and has established alliances with the most relevant players in Europe and worldwide, such as EIT Health, BME IDEA, CEBR, Enterprise Europe Network, BioXClusters, MassBio, Massachussets Life Sciences, TO Health! and Mars Innovation, among others.



To accelerate entrepreneurship and bring healthcare solutions to the market.


Empowering researchers and entrepreneurs with the mindset, skillset and network.


Training programs of various lengths at the intersection of technology, sciences, health and business management.


Graduates and PhDs in health, bio, tech, business and design; researchers in healthtech; entrepreneurs.