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Date: 31st. May 2013

Dan Azagury, serial entrepreneur in healthcare, will be at Biz Barcelona

Expert in Biodesign, he has developed six medical devices throughout his career.

He founded Ciel Medical Inc after going through the prestigious Stanford Biodesign Fellowship program and teaches d•HEALTH Barcelona Biocat’s program.

In two lectures, at Biz Barcelona and the Royal College of Physicians in Barcelona, he will explain his personal experience in healthcare innovation and will provide tips to future entrepreneurs in the field.

Barcelona, May 31, 2013. - In recent years, providing quality medical care has become increasingly difficult and expensive. Innovation in healthcare offers multiple opportunities for entrepreneurs but also is a challenging field. To create new and more cost-effective products that improve patient care requires a new way of working.

Dan E Azagury, a surgeon at the University Hospital in Geneva is also an entrepreneur in healthcare. Throughout his career he has developed six medical devices. Currently he, with his team, is working in a couple of them: one to improve the treatment of kidney stones and another one to increase the protection of patients in intensive care units (ICU) against intubation and mechanical ventilation associated pneumonia. This infection is the most common and serious related to medical care in the ICU. The disease is associated with increased mortality, length of stay and economic costs. Currently the lack of a standard definition generates over-and under-diagnosis.

Nowadays 90% of start-ups fail. In two lectures at the Royal College of Physicians in Barcelona - June 5 - and Biz Barcelona - June 6 -, Dr. Azagury will explain the Biodesign innovation process developed by Stanford University, a proven method to create innovations in the health sector. Since its creation in 2001, the program has started 26 companies, raising over $200 million and creating over 500 new jobs. More importantly, far more than 150.000 patients have been treated by technologies invented by our trainees.

Dan E. Azagury, who was a Stanford Biodesign Program’s Fellow in 2012, will explain they developed the two medical devices they work in today. It will also provide some clues learned during the process to successfully navigate the turbulent journey of moving a brilliant idea to patients’ bedside.

"Medicine does not encourage innovation now but it is as fundamental as research to develop, for example, new treatments against cancer," says Azagury. "Medicine today is full of dogmas. Many physicians perform procedures in a certain way just because it has always been done in that way and has given good results, without questioning why, and whether there are better ways to act, to improve performance and thus, the quality of patient care. "

From September 2013, at Design Health Barcelona Program, doctors, scientists, engineers and designers will have the opportunity to learn the process of innovation in biodesign in Barcelona and get a competitive advantage in a growing job market. Biocat has launched this groundbreaking training initiative to develop entrepreneurial talent in the field of health and life sciences and drive innovation in these fields.


Dr. Dan Azagury will be available for interested media in:

LECTURE: Lab-coat or tie? Innovation for patients. New ways to positively impact healthcare.
Date: June, 5
Hour: 5:30 -6:30 pm
Place: Royal College of Physicians. Paseo de la Bonanova, 47.

LECTURE: Biodesign: technology innovation as a discipline
Date: June, 6
Hour: 4 -5 pm
Place: Palau de Congressos (Sala 5). Avda. Reina María Cristina s/n

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