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DURATION: 9 month Full Time Program

Thu, 17 January 2019

PROFILES: Graduates and PhDs in Health and Life Sciences Engineering, Business and Design.

LOCATIONS: Hospital Clínic - Germans Tries i Pujol Hospital - Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus - Barcelona Science Park

LANGUAGES: English/Spanish


The Fellows

Class of 2019

Laura Escot


I am 22 years old and I was born in Barcelona. I am a recently graduated Biomedical Engineer from University of Barcelona. I studied at Hospital Clinic, where I have been able to be in contact with both healthcare professionals and patients. I have also collaborated in some research groups. During all this time, I have realized how needed are some improvements in the healthcare system and how technology can be helpful in his field. On the other hand, when I was 5 years old I was diagnosed with Diabetes, so as a patient I am extremely conscious of the necessity of developing new devices/techniques to improve people’s quality of life. These are the main reasons why I decided to apply to d·HEALTH Barcelona program when an ex-d·HEALTH’s fellow explained her experience to me. Furthermore, I love learning from others and learning new skills and I think that the program will be also really useful in this sense.

Marcela García


I am 27 years old. I was born in El Salvador. I am a physician. I have worked in publics hospitals and in a non-profit organization, specializing in the care and attention of people who born with physical and intellectual disabilities, also I am co-founder and business developer for "Operation Peace" dedicated to helping to people to achieve inner peace for the external challenges of society in El Salvador. I am passionate about social entrepreneurship and people who knows me define me someone with leadership, empathy, dynamism, proactivity and sportsmanship. With this program, I hope to learn how to implement the newest technologies and get an enriched vision of how global medtech trends work. I also hope to collaborate with other fellows from other fields by sharing experiences, as well as make a career out of Life Sciences global trends and have a greater impact in the sphere of social transformation to produce disruptive solutions.

Juan Camilo Madrid


I am 28 years old and I was born in Cali, Colombia where I studied Business Administration at ICESI University. While getting my degree I studied abroad in Spain and Brazil and started working at my family's business. I am currently the Administrative Director of ValleSalud IPS, a leading institution providing health services. Through my experience working at the hospital, I have founded two business (Catering Services and Infection Prevention systems). My passion for using the power of entrepreneurship and innovation to solve problems is at the core of my mission to be a pioneer and leader in the healthcare business across Colombia. Through d·HEALTH Barcelona program I hope to gain insight to the different perspectives of other professionals in the healthcare field in order to identify potential areas of improvement.

Adenay Padilla


I was born 35 years ago in Barcelona. I am a qualified Optometrist. Optometrists are eye care professionals. My professional career started when I undertook a research project 10 years ago, when I was at university, I loved it. Since then, I have followed my passion for research. I have worked for both private eye hospitals and for commercial Opticians in four different countries: Ireland, United Kingdom, USA and Spain. Therefore, I have a broad knowledge of different healthcare systems and multicultural environments. My colleagues describe me as empathetic, a great team player, a warm and passionate professional. Personally, I would add that I am very creative and very curious. I am very excited to join the d·HEALTH Barcelona program because of its ecosystem, connections, synergies and talented professionals. My ambition is to be part of a multidisciplinary team to help the human race to evolve while using creativity, among other tools, technology and worldwide collaboration to make a significant innovative impact.

Monica Rodriguez


I was born in Havana, Cuba. I have got a Bachelor in Biochemistry at Havana University and came to Spain to do my PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Barcelona Autonomous University. I then moved into the field of Cell Biology and worked as postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Genomic Regulation for the last six years. During this period, I became interested in applied science, translational research, innovation and business development and started to get additional training in business, communication and leadership. I am passionate and creative with a scientific and critical mind focuses on business questions and business opportunities. The d·HEALTH program can be an excellent bridge to the next milestone in my professional career. I want to use my research skills, my capacity of connecting dots, my team working abilities, my tenacity, creativity and motivation for creating solutions to improve the quality of patient’s life and the performance of the healthcare ecosystem as a whole.

Rodolfo Teixeira


I am a Portuguese guy who’s been living in Asia for the past 5 years (China and Japan), but now I am ready to start a new chapter in Barcelona. I’ve been working in healthcare marketing and communications as a creative writer and strategic planner. Understanding people -their drivers and what holds them back, their needs and desires- is the foundation of what I’ve been doing, so I guess I became good at that. Probably like so many other people, I’ve always dreamed about creating something that makes a real positive impact in the lives of others, and D-Health seems to be the right program to gain the skills to make it happen. Ideally, by the end of d·HEALTH Barcelona I would have co-created that product that will improve people’s lives. But if that doesn’t happen, I hope d·HEALTH Barcelona can provide me with the basis to do it in the future.

Roger Gallart


I am 39 years old and I am from Barcelona. I graduated in Industrial Engineering and studied a Master in Biomedical Engineering in the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). My main fields of interests are biomedical signal processing and robotic prosthetics. I have been working for several years in international sales and customer/technical support in a tech company. I have always loved to analyse products and imagine in which ways they could be improved. My strengths are empathy, critical analysis and problem debugging. My ultimate goal is to be able to create at least one product that really makes the difference and improves some peoples’ life.

James Hugall


I was born in the UK 33 years ago with a thirst for understanding how the world works. This led me to study Physics at university where I focused on light and how it interacts with matter. My PhD in Nanophotonics at Cambridge opened up the world of nanotechnology and how to use it to control light in exciting new ways, which I continued researching at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) in Castelldefels (Barcelona). More recently, I have become interested in the areas of healthcare and diagnostic technologies. I would love to take the tools and science I have discovered in my academic career and apply them to these fields to develop new and exciting technologies, which I dream will change the face of modern healthcare. I am sure d·HEALTH Barcelona program will complement the skills I already have and give me the confidence I need to make a real difference.

Natalia Mamonova


I am 34 years old and I am working at Novosibirsk, the large scientific center of Russia. I was graduated in automated control and information systems, management and telemedicine, participated in internship for entrepreneurs in Norway. My past position is a managing partner of healthcare IT projects in the Medical technological park, Novosibirsk. I have a working experience in project management, R&D and innovation, strategic marketing, enterprise architecture development and teaching. I participated in medtech projects like a remote rehabilitation system at home, 3D – printing service for surgical implants. My background and system mindset allow me to operate both with engineering and business skills based on a knowledge of innovation’s processes.

My global wish is to make healthcare more personalized, connected and available widely. With the d·HEALTH Barcelona I want to go “outside the box” in finding creative, useful and commercialized solution in a team of high professionals.

Alfons Porro


I am 24 years old and I studied Biotechnology in the IQS in Barcelona and most of my fourth year in Marquette University in Milwaukee. Once graduated, I started working at trifermed; a business service provider specializing in operational business development and corporate strategy. There I learned to develop and analyze business models in the health space and gained valuable experience of how the pharmaceutical and related industries work. I am good at analyzing problems, its different inputs and connecting dots to find solutions or at least I am really good at trying hard. My wish and expectations for the program is to develop the skills needed to be part of a project with a direct impact on people lives and that leaves a mark.

Petra Stockinger


I am 41 years old, born and raised in Austria. After high-shool I worked for 1 year in the US and then returned to study Biology in Vienna and Glasgow. My PhD and my postdoctoral training I obtained at leading research centres in Germany and Spain. Throughout my research I was always interested in a wide range of basic biological processes. I was addressing those questions using a combination of genetics, molecular biology and imaging, but I was particularly excited in setting up interdisciplinary collaborations to study these questions my using a set of different approaches. I hope that by participating in the d·HEALTH program, I will be able to gain insight into the health sector and acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to potentially work in the future in this area. I particularly hope that in the future I will be able to have a more direct positive impact on patients and the society.

Ana Vázquez


Optimistic and persevering.
I was born 24 years ago in Coruña. I moved to Barcelona when I was 18 to study at Elisava, Industrial Design Engineering. I consider myself a nonconformist person, because if as a result of my work, I can get to help and improve someone's life I will not stay with my arms crossed. I want to educate, design and experiment to bring people healthier lifes. This will be a great satisfaction for me, and I am sure that d·HEALTH Barcelona will be able to help me do it.
I hope that within a year, my personal and professional experience will be highly influenced by all the knowledge and experiences that await me.