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DURATION: 9 month Full Time Program

Thu, 17 January 2019

PROFILES: Graduates and PhDs in Health and Life Sciences Engineering, Business and Design.

LOCATIONS: Hospital Clínic - Hospital Sant Joan de Déu - Institut Guttmann - Vall d’Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus - Barcelona Science Park

LANGUAGES: English/Spanish


The Fellows

Class of 2018

Nick Fenger


I am 22 years old and was born in Copenhagen, but I grew up in North Carolina, USA. I recently graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I studied Biomedical Engineering. My education gave me a broad range of knowledge in biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering. Through my engineering projects I have gained the skills of designing circuits, programming, 3D printing, and working within a team. I am a creative thinker who is dedicated to finding the simplest solutions to the problems that face me. My career goal is to disrupt the healthcare industry by making basic services more affordable and accessible. I am excited to be part of the d·HEALTH Barcelona program because it will give me the experience of working with a diverse group of people dedicated to discovering and solving a specific medical problem.

Mariano Candioti


I am 37 years old, I am from Santa Fe, Argentina. I am a Physician, General and Cardiothoracic Surgeon. I was involved in heart and lung transplant program during my training. I am interested in cardiovascular and respiratory disease and new technologies around them. I am good at repetitive tasks that requires high level of focus. I hope this program would be the beginning in my path as a health-related problem-solver. My dream is to turn my ideas and inventions into reality and get paid for that.

Jordi Capdevila


Born in Barcelona 40 years ago, where I obtained a BSc/MSc in Electronics engineering at UPC-Campus Nord. I’ve spent my professional life between Barcelona and Galway, working in R&D departments, as a Senior/Lead hardware engineer. And, by far, where I feel more comfortable is working in multidisciplinary teams, because it does help to understand the ‘dont’s’of a design, which yields in how to improve the ‘do’s’. I am keen to understand everything as a system, where from inputs you get meaningful ouputs. I guess, my passion for photography helps to see the ‘big picture’ of systems design. Besides that, 2 years ago. I decided to tackle the entrepreneurship world. A path, that asked my to move to Asia, at the beginning to Shenzhen and later on to Tokyo. A very richful experience that continues these days in my hometown, Barcelona.

Victoria Valls


I am 30 years old and I am from Barcelona. I studied Human Biology at Pompeu Fabra University and I had the opportunity to work on my bachelor’s thesis for 6 months in a laboratory in London (King’s College London). After that, I obtained a Neuroscience Master degree at Barcelona University. Finally, during this last 4 years I have been pursuing a PhD in Biomedicine at Pompeu Fabra University, which I will present soon.  My research project has been focused on neuronal aging and Alzheimer’s disease and it has allowed me to spend 7 months at Baylor College of Medicine (Houston). All this experience has showed me how to organize my ideas, to do not give up easily and to think independently. With d·HEALTH program I seek to acquire the skills to apply the knowledge I have obtained in academia into the development of new tools for helping society.

Mireia Feliu


My name Mireia Feliu Maimoné and I am 22 years old. I was born in a small town in Tarragona (Alcover) in a family of doctors. From very little, I have been interested in the healthcare sector, but following my passion of traveling and learning about other cultures I decided studying International Business and Marketing. I did my internship at Induct, an open innovation consultancy where I learned about the innovation process applied to projects both in education and health. As my final degree project, I designed and implemented a marketing and communication campaign for the healthcare sector. That awoken my interest in health. That is why I decided to start the d·HEALTH program. Because I believe that good intention and innovation can make of the world a better place. My expectations for the program are to learn about very different fields and to be able to find a solution to help people.

Carla Fernández


I am 22 years old, born and raised in Barcelona. I have just graduated from a 4 year degree on Biomedical Sciences in UB (University of Barcelona). I have worked for 3 years in a research laboratory in Hospital Clinic in which I was working to develop and test a bioreactor for further research of Marfan Syndrome. I was the type of kid that kept asking questions for hours and that did not go away in the adulthood, that is why I am a very curious person, as well as methodical. Other than science, I am a  travel, latin dancing and Kafka lover. My graduate thesis director recommended me this master after the three years working with me and with d·HEALTH Barcelona I expect to gain from my fellows the skills that I am missing and teach them all I have learned so far. I hope all this can lead to a real improvement in thousands of people's life that seek a solution to their problem and has not been discovered yet.

Mireia Jiménez


I was born in Barcelona 23 years ago. I studied Biomedical Engineering in Barcelona University, specifically, in Hospital Clinic, which allowed me to be close to patients and to get familiarized with the healthcare system. I had the opportunity to do my thesis in the neuroengineering department in the University of Genova. It was a great experience where I learned how hard, but gratifying working in a lab can be. For the last year I have been following my passion: travelling and learning from other cultures. I moved to Norway to work, and backpacked part of South-America. Growing up I developed a curious nature that makes me wonder about places I do not know. I enjoy working with a diverse group of people and I believe I am good at planning and communicating. My expectations from d·HEALTH are to acquire innovative skills and learn from professionals and my teammates who come from different backgrounds. I am extremely excited to work on this project and to contribute in the creation of something that improves someone’s life.

Irati Abad


I am 23 years old. I am from Vitoria-Gasteiz located in Basque Country. In 2012 I decided to study Industrial Design Engineering in Mondragon University. Actually I live in Barcelona where I decided to do a master in product design in ELISAVA. One of my hobbies is to work with disabled people, for this reason I was working for 3 summers as a monitor. People who know me always define me as a good empathizer with people. Probably is because I like to understand and analyse them, try to solve their problems and give the best of me. This is exactly what I expect from d·HEALTH; help people at the same time that I am learning with the best professionals in biomedicine, health system and business sector.

Carmelita Rodríguez


I was born in Clermont Ferrand (France) and I live in Spain since 2005. French Marketing & Sales leader with more than 16 years of experience in Top Pharma Companies (Roche, Novartis and Nestle). I have experience in different therapeutic areas (Severe Allergic Asthma, COPD, IPF, Rheumatology, Hypertension, Transplant and Nutrition). I am nutritionist and I finalized in 2011 the Executive MBA IESE. I am passionate, change agile, results driven, customer focused and people oriented. Used to work in multicultural environment within cross-functional team. A dream: Build my own company and live in front of the sea. I hope to learn a lot about healthcare innovation methodology and process, working in teams, sharing experiences and knowledge. The immersion in hospital will be for sure insightful to understand, detect and hope solve, clear unmet need to improve patients’ quality of life. Learning having fun!

Albert Lahoz


I am 23 years old and I live in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design Engineering from Elisava. I have worked in all types of projects, learning from different disciplines. Some of them were in collaboration with companies like Pando (kitchen extractors) and Hospital Clínic (improvement of the systems of transport of organs). I am a multipurpose and entrepreneurial person who worked in very different environments. I’m good at sports like climbing, calesthenia, roller skating and playing instruments like the guitar. I would like to improve the quality of life of people, but not extend it. I think that Health offers the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge and know the best professionals and teammates of different disciplines to solve a problem in the form of a product, which trigger a company to change the world of biomedicine.